N’golo Kante is really an extraordinary player. Regarded as one of the best midfielders in the world right now, he has won major international and club trophies as well as individual accolades. Kante joined Chelsea in 2016 after winning the Premier League title with Leicester. N’golo played a major role for Chelsea when they came out on top for the Premier League title in 2017. The most memorable performance of the Frenchman was perhaps against Real Madrid and Manchester City in Champions League 2021. But if we look at the situation deeply, Kante hasn’t done anything spectacular in the vast majority of the games in the last 2 seasons, even though he was a big game-changer.  In the following article, we’ll look at Kante’s performance in recent seasons. And by the way, if you are a fan of betting and easy money, you should check out BetChan Casino, which provides various betting possibilities.

Kante’s performance in 2020/21 and UEFA EURO

Someone can make a statement, that Chelsea’s crew generally looked bad at the start of the season and not Kante in particular, which is a pretty valid point. But it’s undeniable that Kante also didn’t look great. In a large number of the matches, N’golo wouldn’t show anything amazing. His performance vastly progressed under Thomas Tuchel in the second half of the season, but still, Besides the final 3 games in the Champions League, Kante was just a good player. Kante’s form in the UEFA EURO 2021 was undoubtedly awful. He would make an excessive number of mistakes in both tackling and passing, as well as controlling the ball. It’s very rare and unforgivable for a player like Kante to lose the ball so many times. The Frenchman’s poor form played a fatal role for France as they got eliminated from the 1/8 finals. In general, it can be viewed as a good season for N’golo, but apart from the final 3 Champions League games, he was just a good player. 

Kante’s performance in 2021/22

N’golo Kante

The Frenchman started the current season very energetic and Chelsea was enjoying the Premier League lead until November. Yet everything took an absolutely different direction when multiple Chelsea players received serious injuries. Reece James, Ben Chilwell, Mateo Kovacic, and Kante had injuries after injuries this season. Many people blame these problems as the main factor in Kante’s performance decrease. Perhaps the worst games in this season were against Real Madrid. N’golo literally had the lowest passing accuracy of all the midfielders and didn’t manage to complete a single successful dribble or tackle throughout the game. In the second leg, Kante did even worse as his mistakes were the reasons why Chelsea failed. Prior to the first goal, Kante made a mistake and lost the ball which led to Madrid’s first goal. The Frenchman made one more error in the additional time which led to the second goal. This is probably the worst performance from Kante on such a big stage. 


N’golo certainly deserves to be regarded as one of the best midfielders in the world and it’s rare for him to make such mistakes. It’s unclear why his form declined in recent seasons, but as already mentioned, many people believe that it’s all because of injuries. 

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